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  • Posted in: Chapter President

    Hello All, Does anyone have a checklist that they use for your chapter events that breaks down all the tasks and assigns roles and responsibilities? Any tools you have would be appreciated. Thanks! Kimberly ------------------------------ Kimberly ...

  • Hi Jeff, I work in PR. If I'm being frank, it sound like a lot of work is needed here. It's not one person you reach out to at a station or at a publication, it depends on story and beat. There are a few one-stop places for releases but, unless ...

  • Posted in: Chapter President

    Hi Everyone,      During the strategic planning session at ILEA Live, there were a few people asking if anyone had a good template for strategic planning. Attached is what we used for ILEA Dallas this year and the board was very responsive to it. Please ...

  • Posted in: Chapter President

    At our succession planning meeting, someone asked for a copy of ILEA Toronto's SOP (standard operating procedures manual). Please find that attached. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions at all! Thanks, Liz ------------------------------ ...

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